105: Monitoring Your Decisions
Holistic Management restores grasslands. Healthy grasslands lead to carbon sequestration, drought resilience, food security, and financially viable communities. Using nature as a guide, together we'll learn the Holistic Management decision-making and planning processes and begin to understand how we can successfully manage land to build our future.

Learn to process your decisions holistically to ensure they align with your values and create the best possible outcomes.

This course is for:
-Land Managers seeking to manage land regeneratively
-Teams who are changing their approach to management
-Consumers looking to make educated choices
-Stewards of our environment

You will learn:
-How to make holistically-sound decisions
-How to avoid unintended consequences from your actions
-How to develop an effective management feedback loop

Estimated Course Time: 3 Hours

Instructional Videos

11 instructional videos to improve your understanding.

Course Field Manual

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Support from Accredited Trainers

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Your instructor:

Byron Shelton

Byron is the Senior Program Director for the Savory Institute. His role involves providing training in Holistic Management for the worldwide network of Savory Institute Hubs and Accredited Professionals. He also provides farm and ranch management consulting for the Savory Institute.

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