What You'll Learn In This Course

Course Purpose

This course will build upon your understanding of the health of the ecosystem processes by showing you how we can utilize the tools we have at our disposal to enhance ecological health. Understanding when and where to use technology, fire, rest, living organisms, animal impact, and grazing will round out your toolkit and allow you to effectively manage land to your Holistic Context. Wondering what a Holistic Context is? Check out the 101: Introduction to Holistic Management course, there you'll learn all about Holistic Decision Making and the planning processes unique to Holistic Management. And if you haven't taken the 102: Introduction to Ecosystem Processes course, we highly recommend it to accelerate your learning here.

Course Objectives

If we've done our job, at the conclusion of the course you'll be well versed in:

  • What tools are available for managing ecosystem processes
  • How the application of these management tools affects the land
  • How the type of environment influences the effect of those management tools
  • How to read the land to determine what tools have been applied in the past
  • How you can begin to use tools in your own context
  • What you can do to continue your path to mastery

Course Structure

We've curated content for this course in the form of course readings, instructional videos, and quizzes to check your understanding. We believe the best way to learn is through collaboration, so we encourage engagement with your instructors and classmates by posting comments on the discussions in these lectures.

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